Rack & Pinion Steering

To the unfamiliar, a rack is a bar attached to your tire rod.  Guiding the rack is a pinion, a small gear attached to your steering shaft.  And guess what that’s attached to?  That’s right!  Your steering wheel.  If it feels loose or you notice your car is leaning to one side, then it’s time to get your rack and pinion fixed.

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The Zex Guarantee

At our shop we strongly believe that every vehicle that comes in always leaves completely fixed.  We will never turn away or compromise any job just to benefit ourselves.  100% satisfaction is always our aim for your peace of mind and safety.  We accomplish this by giving an honest diagnosis about your vehicle and in making sure you are educated on the service it requires.

Our customers are family and like family we make sure they are happy and safe with their vehicle.  Rest assured your car will be running smoothly when we perform our quality service on it.  If we fail on this promise we will give you a full refund on the job….no exceptions!