Engine Dyno testing and tuning

Do you notice your engine is not outputting the same power it used to? Here at Zex Automotive we have the latest dynamometers for measuring the force, torque, or power of your engine. Our team of car tuners in Toronto will identify any root problems and offer the best automotive solutions to make sure you engine is waking up the neighborhood once again!

Call us to book your engine dyno testing, ECU tuning or auto engine repair today or enter in your inquiry in the box on the right.

The Zex Guarantee

Our hobbyist customers are our most particular when it comes to how their vehicle is serviced.  At Zex Automotive we strongly believe that every super car that comes in always leaves with its peak performance uncompromised.  We treat these vehicles as our own as we are also hobbyists and fully understand the thirst for this pastime.  Your passion is our passion so your hunger for winning is our hunger as well.

That’s why at Zex Automotive 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with no exceptions on super cars.  Our customers are family and like family we want to see the smiles on their faces when they rev the engine for the very first time.  Rest assured your car will be turning heads after we perform our quality service on it.  If we fail to deliver the muscle car of your dreams we will give you a full refund on the work we’ve done to it….no exceptions!